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Outdoor Hunting Products | Active Outdoors

   We are a design and manufacturing business located in Glen Lyon, PA. We believe that everyone has their own “Activity”. We design and produce products to make you better at your activity. Whether camping, fishing, hunting, golf or any other outdoor activity, we want to make you, your best! So, for a better you….

Jim, Cathy and Paul

  • Hunters Roof

    The Hunters Roof provides great shelter from the weather while hunting any game you want. It's quick and easy set up make it an exceptional necessity when hunting those rainy or snowy days!...

  • Shootin' Stix

    The new Shootin’ Stix Monopod by Active Outdoors is the perfect addition to your turkey hunting arsenal! Simply attach the Shootin Stix to your gun barrel for a hands free prop that moves with...

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2 for $20 Shooting Stix on Sale Check out our Shooting Stix - a must have for any hunter shooting from a blind or treestand! start shopping
cms-banner-01.jpg Fishing Sticks - Sale starting at $14.95 (4 pack)
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