Shootin' Stix 2 for 20

Shootin' Stix 2 for 20

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SS40-B x2
MSRP: $25.90
(You save $5.90 )

Get 2 Shootin' Stix for 20 dollars for a limited time only!

The new Shootin’ Stix Monopod by Active Outdoors is the perfect addition to your turkey hunting arsenal!

Simply attach the Shootin Stix to your gun barrel for a hands free prop that moves with your gun – just raise your barrel and put it down where you need it!  A mush have for hunting with kids!

Easy to hide in your vest or pack this 14” tall 3.2oz holder extends to 40” in a split second to provide you with a solid rest while that trophy gobbler makes his way in.

Shootin’ Stix are THE working man’s gun holder with all the features of a $100 model for just $7.99

Here’s why:

>     The cradle of the holder is flexible and padded to protect your guns finish. 

>     Wrap the micro bungee up and over the gun barrel and cradle securing it in place                                                                                                      

>     Insulated hand grip

>    Telescopic tubular steel for strength

>    Adjustable height settings lock in place at 14, 23, 32 and the perfect kneeling height 37.5”

>    Single push button gang release for quick collapse   

>    Rubber boot with stop loss retainer covers a ground spike for free standing support



(No reviews yet)