Fishin’ Stix 30″ Original

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The Original 30” Fishin’ Stix rod holder provides a durable, reliable and effective tool to securely hold your fishing rod in place while shore fishing. The “V” shaped construction extends to 30″ and collapses to 12” to easily fit into any tackle box. The push pin design allows for quick operation and multi-stop height settings. Available in multiple colors, Fishin’ Stix are a great product whether you are an experienced angler or just getting started.

1 review for Fishin’ Stix 30″ Original

  1. Mary Kirkmeyer

    Fishin’ Stix are the ideal rod holder for shore fishermen. They are well built and simple to use. I love how they take up little space in your tackle box or vehicle. If you’re tired of trying to manufacture your own rod holder out of a stick, check these out!

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