Shootin’ Stix Gun Holder

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The Shootin’ Stix Gun Holder is designed to be a lightweight, inexpensive shooting aid with all the same features as a much higher-priced competitor. Shootin’ Stix are a very versatile gun or crossbow rest thanks to multiple height settings of 14″, 23″, 32″, and 37.5”. Whether you are a turkey hunter, deer, varmint, or long-range shooter, this product should be added to your arsenal.

The cradle of the holder is flexible and padded to protect the finish of your firearm or crossbow. A micro bungee can be wrapped up and over your gun barrel for added security and stabilization. An insulated handgrip has been incorporated for those frigid mornings in the blind or deer stand. Shootin’ Stix have a telescopic tubular steel frame which provides the perfect combination of strength and adjustability. Whether you are an experienced shooter or a beginner, it is time to take aim with the Active Outdoors Shootin’ Stix.

2 reviews for Shootin’ Stix Gun Holder

  1. Rodney Jacobsson

    Having a gun rest during a hunt is great but until I found the Shootin’ Stix product everything was too bulky and annoying to carry. The Shootin’ Stix Gun Holder is super light and compact. It fits in any pack and is easy and efficient to use when needed.

  2. Mike Carlsen

    I’ve had great luck with the Shootin’ Stix Gun Holder. It’s been a great addition to our turkey hunts, especially with kids in the blind!

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