Shootin' Stix

Shootin' Stix

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"This is the product every serious hunter should have in his pack!" "Big" Jim Kowalski

The new Shootin’ Stix Mono-pod by Active Outdoors is the perfect addition to your hunting arsenal!

Shootin’ Stix are THE working man’s gun holder with all the features of a $100 model for just $9.95

Here’s why:

>      The Shootin' Stix was designed as a lightweight, inexpensive shooting aid that has all of the features of the bigger more expensive shooting aids.

>      The positions that the Shootin' Stix are designed to stop at, fit most of your hunting needs. In your tree stand adjust to shoot from your foot, leg or rail. 

>       Adjust to shoot off your hip or in the kneeling position. Remove the end cap and expose the point to secure into the ground to shoot from prone for those long shots

        at those pesky varmints!

>     The cradle of the holder is flexible and padded to protect your guns finish. 

>     Wrap the micro bungee up and over the gun barrel and cradle securing it in place                                                                                                      

>     Insulated hand grip for those frigid mornings.

>    Telescopic tubular steel for strength

>    Adjustable to pre-determined height settings lock in place at 14", 23", 32" and the perfect kneeling height 37.5”

>    Single push button gang release for quick collapse for storage.

>    Rubber boot with stop loss retainer covers a ground spike for free standing support

>    Use the Shootin' Stix rested on your hip to get that off hand shot with the security of a rest.


       A must have for hunting with kids!




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