Question: My glow Fishin’ Stix don’t keep glowing, why?

Answer: Make sure that the Glow Fishin’ Stix is put in direct sunlight for 8+ hours to charge it.


Question: What if I want the tip of my rod pointing down when I use the Fishin’ Stix?

Answer: Using two Fishin’ Stix, put the front Fishin’ Stix to its lowest position, and raise the back Fishin’ Stix to the desired height to get the angle you want at the tip of your rod.


Question: How does the gun/bow blind attach to a gun or bow?

Answer: We developed a strap and holder that fits under your guns tubular magazine or under the barrel, and also attaches around your bows stabilizer.


Question: How much weight can a Shootin’ Stix hold? I have a bull barreled varmint rifle that weighs over 12 pounds?

Answer: We tested the vertical weight capability of the Shootin’ Stix. It will hold over 50Lbs of vertical weight.